Project 1808 Concludes its 6th National Science Leadership Festival in Kabala, Sierra Leone

Dr. Njai talking about Science in Sierra Leone.

“We started with few students. But now have over one thousand,” Professor Njai, Founder.

By Abdul M Jalloh-Kabala

A national science leadership festival has ended in Kabala. The festival organized by Project 1808 Inc., attracted over one thousand national and international representatives including students, teachers, educators, entertainers, and other professionals. Its aim is to bring together people from different sectors to promote Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM).

The theme for this year’s 6th National Science and Leadership Festival is STEAM AND LEADERSHIP: Ideas to Action-Building Entrepreneurship, Economic Freedom, and Sustainability.

The Founder and Chief Strategist for Project 1808, Dr. Alhaji Umaro Njai thanked participants for attending the festival. He said the organization started in 2010 with 56 students from classes 4 to JSS level with the payment of their school fees through scholarship to College or University level.

Dr. Njai said, most of them are currently in different Universities and Colleges; one currently reading Physics at FBC, another in the College of Medicines (COMAHS) and others are reading different courses.

“We started with few students. But now have over one thousand who have gone through Project 1808 and we’re the only organization that started the Free Education Program for a very long time before the government introduced it. As a result, we have transformed many lives and still ready to do more.” Dr. Njai said.

The chairman of the Program, Dr. Mukeh Fambulleh, veteran medical personnel his opening, narrated a brief history of Africans and how he visualizes Africa to be.

“The colonial masters brain washed us. That has given us the challenge to accept change. What can we learn from ordinary drawings of bedbugs, cockroaches, frogs, and other creatures. There was lack of transformational courses in the past and its good Universities and Colleges are changing their Outdated courses with new important ones.” Mr. Fambulleh exasperated.

The Minister of Works and Public Assets, Peter Bayuku Conteh, praised Professor Njai for his patriotism. He vows to help him achieve his goals for the People of Koinadugu and Falaba Districts and the entire country. Mr. Conteh also donated towards the science course.

Participants and school kids in Kabala-TVS News

“I’m donating twenty acres of land for anyone or institution ready to build a Science University in Koinadugu District. It’s available and any interested parties should contact me personally to discuss the terms and conditions before handing over the land for the purpose.” Conteh noted.

Career guidance and counseling, introduction to new learning opportunities some of the key sessions during the science festival. It could be recalled that Professor Njai and project 1808 constructed a university for the people of Koinadugu and Falaba Districts with an African and global vision.

The University named “Future University of Koinadugu District” is located on top of the Badembaia Area hills overseeing Sokurella, Kawosor community and other views in the Kabala Township.

The hiking at Wara Wara Yagala mountains and the night cultural party were the key points of the science festival.

Project 1808 Concludes its 6th National Science Leadership Festival in Kabala, Sierra Leone
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