Sierra Leone soccer star Musa Kamara hospitalized after attempted suicide

Musa Kamara

“Videos of him running the street half naked have also surfaced on social media”

By Alpha Kamara in D.C.

Sierra Leone soccer striker Musa Noah Kamara was rushed to the hospital in the second city Bo on Thursday October 13th after a suicide attempt. Officials at the hospital said Kamara stabbed himself several times in his side and back with a knife and was being treated for multiple wounds.

The soccer star who made a name for himself at the 2021 AFCON championship scoring a goal against Cote D Ivoire, stabbed himself few hours after posting a video asking for forgiveness from his wife Hawa Kamara. “I want to ask my fans the world over to please beg my wife and ask her to forgive me and give me a second chance”, he said on video.

The young player has had several setbacks in his football career because of what others call ‘Black Magic reasons’. He was the highest goal scorer in the Sierra Leone national premiership league in 2019 and as a result attracted huge football contracts abroad. One in Sweden and another in Norway. He abandoned both contracts and returned home because of what he called ‘the unbearable intense cold weather’.

He recently got another call from a top South African club but that deal never materialize. A month ago, he was also approached by a top club in Libya and signed a two-year contract. On reaching Libya, he released a video claiming that he was not feeling safe in the country because he kept hearing gunshots.  He abandoned the over $ 200,000 contract and returned to Freetown. That move soured the relationship between him and his wife whom he (Musa) accused of trying to trap him in Libya and get killed despite his feeling of insecurity in the war-torn country.

A week before that, Musa Kamara was sacked by his club Bo Rangers for indiscipline. He was also suspended from the national team to allow him sort out his personal and other health issues.

Few hours after his attempted suicide, Musa’s wife Hawa Kamara accused Musa and his family of trying to sideline her and stressed Musa’s violent attitude as the reason she put the relationship on hold. “I have endured a lot in this relationship. I suffered domestic abuse in his hands. As a result, I needed to put a hold on the relationship”, she said.

Meanwhile, soccer loving fans are calling on the country’s authorities to come to Musa’s rescue after his videos running half naked in the streets of Bo city hit social media. Some health experts believe, Musa is suffering from mental health and needs an urgent health attention.

Others who believe in the existence of African magic meanwhile think Musa’s situation has everything to do with Black Magic or a family tradition which needs to be addressed in the African way. Musa’s fans have also been asking the country to include him in their prayers because he needs God now more than any other time.

Sierra Leone soccer star Musa Kamara hospitalized after attempted suicide
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