Family of Evangelist Samson want his corpse for burial


“Samson an opposition activist was killed by the police in Makeni”

Relatives of Hassan Dumbuya also called Evangelist Samson are asking for his corpse for burial. Samson, an opposition social media activist was killed by state security personnel in Makeni, Northern Sierra Leone on August 11, 2022.

The police in a press release stated that Samson and his friends resisted arrest and he died during a police raid and crossfire situation.

Lansana Dumbuya, lawyer representing Samson’s family in a letter addressed to the Ministry of Internal Affairs said Samson was not killed in the protest neither did he resist arrest. “Samson was sitting with his friends at a local bar in Makeni unarmed when he was killed by the security personnel,”. His body was taken by the police including his phone, wristwatch and money in his wallet and no reason has been forwarded to the family for the action, Dumbuya added.

“The killing of Samson is unlawful as it contravenes section 16 (1) of the constitution of Sierra Leone. The relatives have asked me to request for his corpse for burial because his body is neither a state property nor does his remains belong to the state because he is not a criminal,” the lawyer said. Dumbuya said he has been asked by the family to accompany them and identify his corpse for burial this week while they continue to mourn.

Meanwhile, most human rights activists have referred to the killing of Evangelist Samson as extra judicial killing by state actors because he was killed after the protest. He was not a criminal but just an opposition social media activist who used social media to promote his party. In a related incident, families of people that died during the protest are calling for the bodies of their relatives to be released for burial.

Family of Evangelist Samson want his corpse for burial
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