Opposition social media activist killed by state security in Makeni


“He died in the cross fire during the raid” Sierra Leone police

Family and friends of Hassan Conteh also called Evangelist Samson have confirmed that security personnel killed their relative on Sunday afternoon in Makeni. The family said Evangelist Samson was sitting along Station Road with friends when a group of joint security personnel headed by the army fourth brigade commander shot at him at close range. He died few minutes later and his corpse was taken away by the security personnel to an unknown location.  

“How can you kill a harmless civilian for allegedly using social media without any formal investigation”? asked a relative of Samson.

Conteh or Evangelist Samson also an alleged opposition APC party youth, was rumored to be one of the youths that used social media to promote the protest that occurred few days ago in the North-West regions where 27 people including six police officers were killed. The people protested over what they called increase in the country’s hardship, lack of job opportunities and gross human rights violations committed by state actors. The protest turned bloody as security forces shot at civilians, and civilians in turn attacked security personnel.  

In a press release, the police said Samson died in their cross fire. “We were trying to arrest some of the planners of the protest. Some of the youths attacked the police. The police responded and Evangelist Samson died in the cross fire” the police presser said.

have not yet spoken public on the reasons why Samson was killed and the crime he committed.

It could be recalled that, Sierra Leone security personnel have been notorious in the past years for killing civilians across the country, especially in the North-West regions.  From 2018 to date, over 100 civilians have died in the hands of the police. These include ov40 at the Pademba road prisons, six in Makeni, two in Tombo, two in Lunsar and 21 in Freetown recently. No one has been held accountable for these deaths. 

Opposition social media activist killed by state security in Makeni
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