Sierra Leone police confirms arrest of protesters including two opposition figures

protesters in Lungi

By Alpha Kamara-TVS Washington

The Sierra Leone police has confirmed that they have arrested scores of protesters in Freetown including two opposition key figures. Head of the police Criminal Investigations Department, RPG Roberts told radio democracy that the suspects including opposition leaders Dr. Dennis Bright and Femi Claudius Cole are being investigated for incitement, unlawful procession and fueling unlawful public conduct.

RPG Roberts said “Femi Cole used social media to incite people to protest unlawfully. Dr. Dennis Bright was also part of the planning and he was part of the meeting where the illegal protest was planned. They went ahead and wrote placards even after they warned by police to stop. That’s why we are investigating them,” he said.

Opposition politician Femi Claudius Cole before her arrest posted on her social media page her solidarity with market women who were planning to protest on July 4th against continuous human rights violations, high cost of living and other governance related issues. Few hours later, truckloads of security personnel stormed her office and arrested her. She has been in jail since her arrest three days now. (July 3rd to July 5th). Pictures on social media also showed police officers in uniform hitting some of the women suspects arrested during the protest in Freetown. There were also other protests reported in Makeni, Magburaka, Lungi and Masingbi respectively.

Meanwhile, rap star and government critic Amadu Bah or LAJ appears in court today to answer to charges of robbery with violence. He has been behind bars since June 11th after he was arrested in the capital Freetown.  He has denied all charges against him. His lawyer Maddieu Sesay has accused the police of treating his client inhumanely including shaving off his dreadlocks and refusing him visits from his family members.  

Sierra Leone police confirms arrest of protesters including two opposition figures
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