Sierra Leone: Army presidential guard killed after a violent struggle

Preso Bio and the military

“A military press release says he was stabbed to death by a civilian. But others disagree”

By TVS News Washington

Staff Sgt. Barrie of the presidential guard force of the Sierra Leone army has died due to injuries he sustained from a fracas that is still unclear. According to a press release from the ministry of defense, Staff Sgt. Barrie and Sgt. Tucker all attached at the presidential guard force at presidential lodge, responded to a distress call from a civilian friend at Hill Station, to help him contain his unruly son who was angry and posing a threat to him and the family.
“The two soldiers arrived at the man’s residence unarmed. In the process of the father explaining what’s happened, the son unexpectedly emerged and stabbed the two military men. Both Tucker and Barrie were rushed to the 34 military hospital at Wilberforce. Unfortunately, Barrie died few minutes later while Tucker is still responding to treatment,” the MOD release said.
The release also said the suspect (unnamed) was later arrested and handed over to the police for further investigation. The military also warned the public to stop spreading rumors of the circumstances that led to Barrie’s death, because, it has the potential of creating unnecessary tension among members of the national army.
Meanwhile, prior to their release, a social media message alleged that the deceased presidential guard was shot and killed by his colleague after he asked several questions and protested the delay in the distribution of military rations and payment. Even though the military says, that narrative is baseless and false, some members of the public are asking how possible is it for a civilian to stab two trained military men together without suffering any major injury to him or him being shot. Others are also questioning how possible is it for a presidential military guard to leave his post (guarding the presidential lodge) to respond to a friend’s distress call instead of calling the police.

Sierra Leone: Army presidential guard killed after a violent struggle
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One thought on “Sierra Leone: Army presidential guard killed after a violent struggle

  1. Unbelievable press release.
    Two military presidential guards stabbed by a civilian at the same time?
    This explanation by the MOD is somehow doubtful.

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