Sierra Leone rap star and social critic LAJ arrested by the police and freed few hours later

Boss LAJ

“Two days ago, he blasted the ruling party and cited social burning issues”

By Alpha Kamara-TV Salone USA

Rap musician and government critic Alhaji Amadu Bah also called LAJ was arrested again by the police and released few hours later. The rapper was arrested on Wednesday March 23rd and released the next day. Videos of LAJ being forced into a parked police car in front of some of his fans and driven to the Aberdeen police station was posted on social media. The police has not yet given the reason for his arrest.

Sources say, a friend of the rapper took his wrist watch. He in return took the man’s I-Phone demanding, until he gets his wrist watch he won’t give the man’s phone.  Preso Koroma of the DJ’s union posted an angry response on Facebook. “Another twisted civil matter. You have my watch, I have your phone. Bring my watch, I will give you your phone. Why should the police arrest him” he asked?

A fan of the rap musician says the matter is a civil one that involves two people and doesn’t see the need for the swift police intervention when there are other crimes in the country to focus their attention on.

This is not the first time ‘LAJ The Boss’ has been arrested by the police. He was recently released after spending months in jail for alleged fighting with a business man. Most of LAJ’s fans and friends believe, he is being targeted because of his open criticism against the current government and especially the first family. Before the elections, the rap star declared support for opposition candidate Samura Kamara. In 2018, LAJ was attacked and hospitalized by alleged ruling party supporters. No one was arrested in connection with the incident. He has been singing several songs of criticism against the current government.

Few days ago, the ruling party issued a press release on death threats against the country’s First lady Fatima Bio. The party accused Adebayor, a Sierra Leonean abroad based social commentator of issuing death threats against the first lady through his daily podcasts. The party called on the public to treat the matter with the seriousness it deserves, including following diplomatic channels for the alleged social commentator to be extradited back to Sierra Leone to face justice.

The rap star and government critic, LAJ was quick to respond on social media with strong words of condemnation. “I’m not defending Adebayor (the social commentator based abroad), but after all the killings around this country, brutality, injustice, fuel and electricity crisis, no water and opportunities for youths. Even the First lady at some point threatened about mob justice which was a very strong message from our mother of the nation,” he posted. I pray we all get along as Sierra Leoneans but we won’t allow you again (ruling party officials) to set fire on this country, he added.

The musician was released few hours later without any explanation from the police. LAJ posted a video that he has been released. He said he will continue to stand for the truth and congratulated some members of the police and his fans for their understanding. “I am a law abiding citizen. I call on my fans to respect the law and keep the peace even though I am going through a lot,” he said. He said he is the voice of the voiceless. LAJ also talked about the ruling party press release alleging death threats against the first lady, but said there are more pressing issues to be discussed.

Sierra Leone rap star and social critic LAJ arrested by the police and freed few hours later
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